Monday, 5 August 2013

We're on Telly!

The Power of TV never fails to impress.

When I go home and tell the kids that Photoleaf is going to be featured on Radio or TV for a report, show or interview. The kids just want to watch, they get very excited and are impressed (Long may that last!!). What is it about the mass media that draws us in and makes us feel 'chosen'?

As a self admitted extrovert, I have no problem speaking in public or getting my message out there. The important thing for me is to be prepared and to hopefully come across in at least good way without too many umms and ahhhs.

Photoleaf was featured last weekend on Channel 5's The Gadget Show. We agreed to be featured and to have our Photobook service and product compared with other suppliers in the market. I found this opportunity a vital way to get our servive known and hopefully get a bit of free (and hopefully positive) press as a result. The outcome - well see for yourself by clicking here to watch or see the review.

We were content with the coverage as it got our name out there. We were praised by the production team at Channel 5 (OFF AIR) for being very helpful and quick to respond. ON AIR we were given a brief overview. Most importantly our book, sitting pride of place on the Gadget Show Shelf was on the telly. Our brand was out there and for a company in its infancy we are already up there competing with the 'Big Boys'.

To quote a couple of satisfied customers recently "If only other companies approached customer service in the same way you do" or "Thank you sooooo much you have made my anniversary weekend"

I would love to know what you think so why not follow us on twitter @photoleafonline or go to the website for a browse. Tomorrow Radio! I am live on air at 16.24 GMT!

The kids are primed and ready!!

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