Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Speedos Please!

We're off to France for a few days over the summer holidays. 4 nights camping in Normandy, this is of course very exciting, and something to look forward to, the camera is already on charge...

Now the last time we went to France, was an extremely short stay for me (approx 60 seconds) with almost the longest journey of its kind on record to date! In a moment of madness, and a couple of pints to the worse, I boldly claimed that I could and in fact would, swim the English Channel.

Naivety, stupidity or sheer bloody mindedness and 3 years later having trained lots (and lots) I did in fact complete the solo swim from England to France in a time that was then, one of the slowest times recorded! There are various reasons why you should not attempt this and if you want to see why take a peek at the video. But let's take this into context only 1341 people have actually completed the swim across the channel, so who cares how long it took, or how seasick the support crew got!

Now what has swimming the channel and going camping in France, got in common. I know what you're thinking - smuggling - well I am a law abiding citizen and I don't think that budgies should be smuggled no matter how fluffy they are, so that is not it. But this is where being British clashes with our Continental cousins. The booking form for the campsite clearly states that only Speedos NOT swimming shorts should be worn. Now - Clearly, I will wear speedos where needs must, but it just feels fundamentally wrong (unless your either David Beckham or French) to wear speedos on holiday.

Where then shall I keep my camera to record the best bits when wearing such skimpy swim wear? When swimming the channel and going on holiday you do want to record the events for future reference. I created a photobook record of my swim for future reference (and unfortunately for the reader it appears that some smuggling was involved) and I intend to make a holiday photobook upon our return. Any way if you're short on space and want a neatly packaged way to store a camera click Neatly Packaged Bundle

Going to France usually entails eating lots, certainly swimming to France involved eating lots (see reference above - apologies to the viewer, but why do you think whales have blubber!)

This year - I think any pool shots will be taken by me, not of me, so in contrast to the French rules for swimming, my personal photo book rules state - Strictly NO MORE Speedos Allowed!

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