Monday, 1 July 2013

Go Go Gadget Show

I was going to call this blog Go Go Girls after the pop group (of course!) but having double checked and scanned my memory banks I remember a friend telling me a story about a friend of his who knew someone that had a story about a Go Go Girl and having checked wikipedia and typing the phrase into a search, I realised this was perhaps not the most appropriate of titles for a blog!

I strongly advise not typing this into a search engine particularly if you haven't added parental controls to your searches. Even if I class myself as a 'man of the world' -  it was enlightening

Moving swiftly on....

We were invited at Photoleaf this week to take part in the Channel 5 TV programme The gadget Show. We were contacted by a very friendly researcher asking if we wanted to be involved in a comparison review between us and other providers of photobooks for user experience, ease of use and of course the quality of the final product. I of course jumped at the chance - who wouldn't.

The order has been placed and the despatched in good time and we are now like expectant  parents waiting for the single or double blue lines to appear on a pregnancy test. Unfortunately we have longer than 2 minutes to wait for the outcome!

I am of course completely confident in our product but at the same time want to hear of any perceived issue - no matter how small - so that we can rectify it and get the client experience as perfect as it can be. It would of course be nice to come out on top when the review is televised - competition is of course a good thing and let's face it winning is great!

Now for those over a certain age you will remember that there was a TV cartoon called Inspector Gadget. He was a little dim and had a 'gadget' for every occasion. For a blast from the past click here. This has absolutely nothing to do with this blog at all and is a completely tenuous link to a childhood memory, but it made me smile!

In 20 years time our kids will look back fondly at the memory of Moshi Monsters!!!

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