Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Boys Curry Night


A boys night out is something to treasure.

A cold beer, the expectation of a night out with like minded (male) company, the opportunity to let your guard down (not hair as this is increasingly becoming a scarce commodity as the years roll on for some - not me of course!), laugh a lot (or at least a little) then get home before the locks get changed swearing blind (not being blind drunk and swearing) that you only had two pints.

The scoring system - for every night out there is a minimum requirement for 3 good deeds. This is an unwritten rule, and if you ever need a reminder of your current deficit, then simply ask the better half of your relationship for an update.

Now if you're expecting me to enlighten the world on the events of a 'Boys Curry Night' you are mistaken. There has to be a degree of mystery to keep the mystique of the event alive. Suffice to say that a couple of pints and a lot of harmless banter that only men find funny. Yes these nights are perhaps the font of all Dad Jokes.

There is always the inevitable yet interesting question around work, what are you up to is it going well. Of course when its great we say it's OK when it's not great we say it's OK. I think we have more ways of saying nothing at all than actually saying something! Why can't we be a little more open and honest?

Will I go on the next one - Yes.
Did I enjoy it - Yes.
Do I have more chores to do - Yes.

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It was the longest night the other night I took a longest shadow picture.

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