Saturday, 15 June 2013

GPS for Dumb Dads

Father’s Day

On Friday, I picked my son up from school, it’s not often I get to do this, but I mentioned in an earlier blog that Noah’s Arc was on for my daughter, so I said to my wife” I’ll get him”. Off I trundled to the area of school for infants and it dawned on me that I actually had no idea what I was doing!  Do they come out? Do I go in? Other parents were milling around like wasps at a jam jar, I felt suddenly lost in the crowd!

As I am a grown man this gave me two problems a) I am a grown man and b) I am a grown man.

No I haven’t made a grammatical error, but I did have a dilemma! (I wanted to add here “I’m a poet and I don’t know it” but that would be childish and I am a grown man after all!)

My Dilemma was a) if I go in to the school as a pretty well unknown face, I may well get stopped for being a grown man in a place where I shouldn’t be – not a preferred choice!

b) if I don’t go into the school to pick my son up I’ll look like an idiot – not a preferred choice!

As Dr Pepper says – “What’s the worst that can happen”, so I decided to go in. I must have an honest face as I was let in after waving inanely at a lady already in the building. After taking advice (I do know the age of my son but for the life of me cannot remember the name of his class) was pointed in the general direction.

In not unexpected fashion I was quickly discovered by a teacher who had a pitying look, having read the label that was clearly stapled to my head “Dad - Lost and confused – If found please treat with care”. I was not her first Dumb Dad to be found wandering lost and confused, and I won’t be her last. Finally I reached  my destination.

It is always great to see your kids even more so when they aren’t expecting to see you. I got a big hug and a hand-made card. The words on the card are private between my son and I, let’s just say that despite it being officially a day or two early it definitely was a great Father’s  day!

TIP of the Day.

GPS location devices on Cameras.
Purpose: Just in case you forget where you took your photo or get lost and need to know where you are! The GPS detail is digitally coded to the image for future reference - you do need to turn it on and programme it.
I'm fed up with writing now so I thought a video would explain things far better than me. If you turn your sound right up like I did - it won't make any difference - there is none!

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