Sunday, 16 June 2013

Life in the Trenches


When you're launching a new product you have to get out there talking about it and engaging with people - you have to be passionate about it. With a great product this is easy to do.

Well this week for me has been all about passion and working to get our beautiful photobook products out there and recognised for the truly stunning things that they are.

I started my week in the 'trenches' and have remained there all week fighting - metaphorically of course - for potential customers to engage and create a book!

On Monday evening I attended a Business Networking event at a Romax Client the Churchill Theatre, they have a regular business club followed by a theatre show - how apt that this was Birdsong, a production adapted from a novel set during the First World War. Now this play is not what you would class as 'light entertainment' and despite it being an excellent production you needed the interval to collect your thoughts! What was fascinating however is that prior to the show, the theatre manager, who is a first world war amateur historian was truly engaging and passionate about his subject and you could not help but be drawn into his talk.

I admired his passion greatly and hoped that people had the same perception about the passion that not only I have but all my colleagues at photoleaf have. They too believe whole-heartedly in our product and have been 'doing their bit' as our new business takes off.

We cannot compare this to those fighting in the first world war trenches, and a blister or two from the canvasing is nothing compared with the trench foot the WWI soldiers suffered, but if we can continue to show the passion for our product in the same way those soldiers did in Birdsong, all will work out perfectly.


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