Wednesday, 12 June 2013

less SHAKE, a little pRATTLE and let's ROLL

Not being one to wear my heart on my sleeve, 'talking on a blog' seems a strange way to go but let's see if I can get over the nerves, stop shaking and start prattling, let the blogging roll....

I am chairman of a Marketing Communication company, Romax Marketing, and Over the last 18 months I have been working on a new project - to diversify our business, whilst keeping the main thrust of what we do, that is produce personalised communication.

My idea - although not original, was to start a photo book e-commerce site. After completing our market research, we settled on Thanks to all those lovely people that helped with their feedback.

I should probably provide some idea of my blog theme? Honestly - I am not totally sure. The title 'Life Camera Book' was a 'third coffee moment' whilst waiting for the cleaner to finish vacuuming the office. I thought that covers most things I want to get out there:

Life (A broad subject!) Perhaps over time I will reveal more about me and my life but one step at a time!

Camera - Well that was two fold - In order to capture life through a lens it dawned on me that despite loving taking photos, I know next to nothing about cameras or the art of photography. If I am supposed to be promoting photobooks then knowing nothing about how photos are taken creates a slight disadvantage; so it would probably be a good idea to learn! I also realised that most of my potential customers using PHOTOLEAF, (except those lovely professionals and pro-amateurs), would probably not know much about how photography works either. THEREFORE: I thought if I have to learn a about photography, perhaps I could provide some useful tips on photography along the way.

Books - I do love a good book and dare I say I truly love the feel of a physical printed book be it pure text, self published or a photobook.

Perhaps LifeCameraBook is a marketing slogan - summarising what I believe is a beautiful thing - capturing life through a camera and creating a book to remember the best bits.

I also figured I needed to give a photography tip on each blog keeping it (even tenuously) relevant to the theme of the blog....So here's the first of many...See if you can spot the link!

Tip of the DayHow to remove - Camera Shake.
  • Use a solid object to lean on or tuck your elbows in! See what the experts have to say..

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