Friday, 14 June 2013

The Animals went in Two by Two


Yesterday it was parents' evening for our middle child.

That statement could be the entirety of this blog. The above statement creates enough mental anguish for any parent with school age children, that I surely do not need to expand! But I will anyway....

Last night was just brilliant, there were parents politely jostling for position, there were parents giving polite smiles through gritted teeth, there were parents running over their allotted time despite the school bell peeling to announce the end of your 10 minutes subjection, and dagger eyes given when 'their' time was eaten into!

The parents lined up in their Two's to enter the Lion's den. The  feelings of dread, trepidation, guilt and pride combined with our base animal instincts of protection and competition came out on display in a perfect way.

If only this had been the time and place to take a camera!

I just love perching on a plastic seat designed for an 8 year old, with my hands scrapping the floor, legs folded in a Yoga like position I am clearly not designed to make and my knees trying not to lift the table of the floor, as I stood up groaning like an old man with knee ache (or am I actually getting old with knee ache?)

Even the more laid back parents (on the outside) were mentally 'punching the air' in dramatic style whilst nodding passively on the outside when they hear that their child is performing well compared with another child.

What do you say though when the feedback is not what you wanted to hear? Whose fault is it, the child's, the parents' or the teacher's? Well dream on because I am certainly not going to get into that conversation!

Just for your information as a proud and competitive parent I was of course punching the air, whilst nodding passively in a sage like manner! (Read into that what you will!)

You may think that I was comparing the parent's at school to animals given the title of this blog, but you would be wrong - tonight we are back at school to see one of our children performing in Noah's Arc!

Tip of the Day
Sometimes there are places a photograph just shouldn't be taken. Beware!

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